Sunday, December 21, 2008


A friend told of his son (called by his middle name Alex), raised in Alaska, schooled in California, and currently working and socializing in Vegas. The young man called his father on his cell from a bar and said there was a "very pretty" young lady there who had something to say. A tipsy voice practically boomed into the phone and asked if he had really chosen to name his son 'Canute'.
"Well, it was his mother's idea, but I went along with it, I guess. Why?", he asked.
"Thanks a lot", she replied. "So far you've cost me like a hundred bucks! I heard your son bragging up Alaska, and I've never met anybody like even from Canada, and I didn't believe a word he was saying. So, I decided, like, to push his buttons."
"Uh oh", my friend said.
"I'll say", she continued. "'So.., I suppose your name is Kanute or Baldo?' I ask him. And your son gets this smirky-like grin and says 'Well, actually...' But I'm not havin' any of it. I'd heard someone call him Alex and I told him, like, 'Listen; Prove to me you are from Alaska and your name is Canute and I'll buy you guys drinks the rest of the night. Otherwise, player, YOU buy for MY table!' So, he pulls out his DRIVERS license!! Gawd, man! What were you THINKING?"
When my friend quit laughing, he suggested to the girl that it's a good thing Alex hadn't called and asked HIS advice on the matter, because he'd have suggested the bet be raised to something more interesting.
"Very funny" she came back. "But what makes you think he'd listen to you... YOU named him Canute!", and she handed the phone back to Alex at the noisy joined tables.
"I like her", my friend told his son. "That one you can bring home to meet us."
"Maybe we ought to let her chill a bit first," Alex said. "The way she feels now, she'd probably fly all the way up there just to kick your backside!"

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