Monday, March 16, 2009


- Mt. Redoubt preburped.
- You know the feeling. You're a little bloated, pretty sure that relief is on the way. You burp just a little, a hiccup really, not obvious to others, just enough to warn of the impending ripper and to leave a bad taste in your mouth.
- The volcano south of Anchorage left a bit of flavor last night. Just some ash and steam, enough to wake the geo-nerds and raise a few eyebrows. Aviators weren't redirected. Nobody has their masks at the ready. The watchers did raise the watch status back to orange, though, and we're all aware that the preburp is just a warning.
- I've been distracted by a dog race and running a pipeline, but perhaps it's time to start checking in on the plume tracks, seismicity graphs, and web cams of the volcano again. It may be feeling ignored...
- Just a quick update on the Iditarod dog that was lost in the wilderness. He's not wolf food after all, but back in the arms of a very relieved lady musher who survived a harrowing race cut short when her equipment fell apart. Lost dogs happen, and the Iditarod Air Force (volunteers) have a very good record finding them. Happy endings. Gotta love em.

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