Saturday, March 6, 2010

Dog Gone

Last year we discussed how much I enjoy this dog race.  Today was the ceremonial start.  All the mushers' profiles, pictures, and human interest stories were in the paper.  The food caches are stored.  The GPS trackers are in place.  The game faces are definitely on.  We decided to skip the crowds and catch a more remote view of the first day.  Still plenty of folks cheering, though. 

Vik had a good time.  A girl even told her her hat was cute.

The dogs seemed fresh and happy.  The dog on the right can touch his eyebrow with his tongue.  We all have talents.
And I decided I NEED a fat tired bike.  Like these:

Occasionally I get to do a post Facebook style; the "Gee, I had a great day!" kind of post.  We got cold and wet, we saw heros, we talked to normal folks having a wonderful time, we saw silly kids playing in the snow, we were mocked by a raven,  we ate at Mark Schlereth's favorite burger joint in the world, and we sat together by the fire watching it snow.  All in all, the kind of day you wish they all could be.  Doggone good.


Doug and Amanda said...

Sounds like something I would have enjoyed doing! And look at that curly-haired beauty you have by your side! So glad to see her reunited with her purple hat...

kkryno said...

I thought I'd NEVER see that hat again! ;)

What a glorious day!

Thanks, M'love.


Anonymous said...

Everybody should own a Surly Pugsley at least ONCE in a lifetime... :)

Looks like a good time was had by all.