Saturday, August 21, 2010

Friday Foodie Forum

- Mushroom omelets. Nothing special, right? Unless you have fresh eggs, veggies from the garden, just picked wild boletes from the forest, and character swiss from, well.., the fridge. There are things done right up here. Potatos, carrots, fish, berries, and wild mushrooms (among others). And for the first time in five years, I wish, while hunting and gathering yesterday, that I'd used sunscreen.
- Some AK things, though, Holy McGuffy.  We decided, after a few years, to give Garcias in Eagle River another chance.  Oops.  I ordered the chile verde, pork and Anaheim peppers with fixin's.  They served about ten half inch cubes of tough pork in a sauce that tasted like it was made from chile powder, and then spilled the black pepper jar into the mess.  It came with a dollop of sour cream on the side, cold bland rice (refrigerator cold), and a pile of jalapenos. (SACRILEGE!!)  Cold torts right off the store shelf.  The salsa was standard Old Mexico watery chopped tomatos and onion with an overload of cilantro.  (I'm tired of debating the cilantro issue.  Please don't bother.)   If someone wants to make a fortune in Alaska, they could start a restaurant offering quality Northern New Mexico cuisine using roasted Hatch green chile, barely burnt red sauce, sharp quality cheeses, freshly made flour or blue corn tortillas, meats that melt, and yesterdays beans.  Serve in a rustic building with  flagstone floors, vigas, and a view of the forest, and you could charge $30 a plate and have folks beating the doors down. 
- The Palmer potato should be coming soon.  Everywhere believes they have the best potato, and while not having traveled the world potato tour, I'll put new Yukon Golds from Palmer, Alaska right up there with any of them.  They taste nutty and sweet.  Incrediyum. 
- The carrots here are like crispy candy.  I can't describe them better than that. 
- There, I've done delved into the realm of restaurant and food blogging.  All I've established is that I like fresh ingredients, and that I'm a Mexican food snob without the guts (or money) to start my own restaurant.  Guess I'll stick to my day blog.

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