Sunday, June 23, 2013

Keep It Movin' - When Taste No Longer Matters

       At the risk of providing WAY too much info and insight, I was wondering about poop.  Like, what determines how long the body retains the nutrients (and other stuff) that we take in?  For instance, I'd swear the brightly colored carne adovada remnants hung about for three days while whole kernels from last night's roasted ears were machine gunned after twelve hours.  (I've really got to focus on chewing.)  Are there sorter cells in our digestive systems that handle prospective waste material, pass or fail?  I'm picturing tiny horn-rimmed glasses, rubber gloves, and inspector tags; "Nope, Nope.  Keep it movin'!  Wait! We could use a bit of that."
       Or when something altogether unwelcome is introduced, red buttons being pushed and growly warnings and brilliant strobes activated - "Evacuate! Evacuate!".  Rising whoop-whoop emergency alarms sent to the brain - "PooOOP! PooOOP!"
       Or when the inspector cells take a holiday, and their workload gets backed up...
Anyway.  Just wondering who or what's accountable.  Go back to your BBQs and remember to chew.
Thanks for listening to me think, but don't score the quality.  I'm on vacation.

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