Monday, January 12, 2009

Lighten Up

The sun hits the house directly on MLK day for the first time in over a month. Even the animals seem to be ready to celebrate, loitering in the windows near the houseplants with their leaves peeking southward. Vik is back from the lower forty-eight with her contageous busy energy. The thermometer is thirty degrees happier. The kids on the block are back outdoors sharing mischief. A chain of cross country skiers used the bike trail yesterday. We're on the cusp of a new presidential administration, for whom I'm hopeful, if only to involve more people in the debate over where we should be going. It's been a dark time, and I haven't responded very well, "letting it ride" when action would have improved my mood and my finances. But it's a time to be inspired, 4 minutes more light every day. Things will be growing soon. Okay, not THAT soon, but soon! Blessed be the light!!

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Doug and Amanda said... was quite sunny on Friday. I didn't even wear a jacket most of the day! And it's like that quite often here in the more recent Mejico. Just letting you know. ;)