Sunday, January 18, 2009

Paxson on Thursdays

-From Paxson: I was coming home early, so I called kinda kiddin' and said "Kick Sancho out, I'm coming home early!", and SHE said "What Sancho? It's not Thursday!". So I said, "Well pretend it's Thursday, turn out the lights and I'll be right there." SHE said, "Nope. I'm in the mood Thursdays. YOU don't know women."
-I couldn't argue there, so I turned to my work boss and said "I want Thursdays off!" and she said "Nope. Everybody wants special days like Thursdays, and you don't rate. Perhaps you should look at the org chart!", so I glanced at all the orgs and, sure enough, all the happy people were at the top, probably because they get Thursdays. There was no Sancho on the list, so I guess he gets Thursdays and all the other days too.
-Then my work boss noticed that I was looking at orgs like she said I should, and that I had my jacket on. She said if I couldn't find better ways to waste the company's money, then she could, and then just before she went home early, she did. Now I have to work late every night this week. I called home and told HER to call Sancho and tell him I'd be home late on Thursday, and SHE said, "Okay."
-But THIS Thursday, I'm not gonna call. I'm gonna leave early, right after my work boss, and get hold of this Sancho that I didn't even know existed 'til today, and ask him how to get off that org chart and how to understand women.

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