Sunday, February 22, 2009

My Volcano - Up Close and Personal

"Don't taunt Mother Nature!"
Like most of the girls I dated in high school, Mt. Redoubt is a bit of a tease. About the time things get steamy, whoof, nothing but ice. I've been watching the web site, oohoohing every time there's a wiggle on the seismometer, ogling the online pictures, reading all the updates... nuthin. I'm beginning to think the volcano is just not into me.
- In case you forgot, it's been a bit dark lately (see previous posts), so we haven't been studying the horizons much. But tonight, the sunset was kickin' and I was warming the flivver when, backlit by the southern red glow, Redoubt showed in all it's glory. We've been here a year and because of trees, dark, and the odd angle of our house, I didn't know we can see BOTH of the volcanos close to Anchorage. Who needs a stinking web site? If I move Yani's cage and look out her window, I can actually see the steam plume 100 miles away! Cool.
- We were looking at the latest fly by pictures and the new little holes in the ice on the side of the mountain. What's tough to fathom is the scale of things here. Those "little" holes are 300 meters wide, well over three football fields, big enough to drop our city block into with room to spare. So, it's no surprise, really, that we can see a 10000 foot mountain from a hundred miles away.
- Home Depot is now selling "Volcano kits" with generators, candles, plastic sheeting, etc. Wal Mart has masks by the checkout counters. I'm thinking the whole volcano thing is a ruse, part of the economic stimulus distortion, getting us to spend our money. Yup. That's all it is.


kkryno said...

Ummm; do you think we need to pick up more batteries?

Anonymous said...

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