Friday, February 6, 2009

Random Incorrectness

Suddenly those in power LIKE the phrase "Lead, follow, or get out of the way!". Unless, of course, folks choose to "lead" in a different direction, follow the path they believe in, or sit on the fence of indecision while letting things play out a bit. Advice to those tearing their hair out over bipartisanship:

1) No more smugness, gloating, or Bush slamming. The election is over. Let history judge past administrations. (2) EARN cooperation with the power of your argument appealing to what is best for the nation. Don't expect to win everybody over. Stop bickering. Let's move on. (3) Keep an open mind to quality input from the 'other' side. There are bright people of every political ilk. Remember that barely half of the folks who voted were on the winning side, and we are a sound bite away from changing that "mandate". (4) Let's assume that EVERYBODY who voted has the country's best interest at heart. The reality is Democrats are in power, and have the opportunity to try a new philosophy. If things improve, hearts and minds will be won. If not, look for a NEW bandwagon.


An article in the daily waste of a tree stated that, because of the economy, sexy underwear sales have declined in favor of more comfortable, sensible items. Of course, there are some of us who make white jockey briefs look sexy as hell... (ahem)


Mount Redoubt watchers have overloaded the servers at the Alaska Volcano Observatory. The mountain keeps teasing, rumbling a bit, fuming a bit, then backing off. The volcano watchers seem to be enjoying the attention, jazzing up the language on the site and picking up the pace of the updates. I'm disappointed in the state. We put a tripod on the ice and folks collectively pay millions to bet on when it moves. Here's a perfectly good "imminent" eruption, and no lottery. There are no t-shirts with Redoubt saying "Kiss My Ash", or mocking the ubiquitous AlaskanGrown symbol with "Alaska Blow" marking a silhouette of the mountain. There are no comparisons to the eruptions of Sarah Palin. One of my coworkers suggested that he gets so many concerned calls from relatives outside that he plans to change the message on his answering machine to "No... we're NOT alright... Send money."

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