Friday, February 13, 2009

Shake Shake Shake

Usually after he's just been brushed, a quiver will start in the bulldog's nose, he'll tense, and a rapid shake will travel slowly through his body, from his floppy soft ears to the neck skin hardly attached, to his muscled front shoulders, along the stretched length of his back and down his tail until just the white tip is twitching. Then he relaxes with that Oh-So-Good goofy crosseyed look that makes me jealous as I chase individual hairs through the air with the vaccuum.


kkryno said...

We'll be chasing those hairs 'till the cows come home! ;)

kkryno said...

I HATE the word verification! :0[

Doug and Amanda said...

You guys have cows? Does it usually take them a long time to come home?