Monday, March 4, 2013

Are You Ogling?

Standing in line at the multi-mart, the acned cashier waiting on the flouncy flirt, when the husband storms into the young man's face and yells "Are you ogling my wife?"  The poor kid does the exact wrong thing; in his terror, he glances down at her chest while he shakes his head no.  The frozen moment lasts too long, so I step in.

"Why wouldn't he? She's a beautiful woman."  Hubby looks at me and scowls.  Wifey hits him with a paper towel, and says "Yeah!  Why wouldn't he.  You never say nice things like that to me!" 

Hubby's smile says the whole thing was a joke and the cashier recovers enough to finish their order.   Scanning my single item, the poor kid thanks me.  "I didn't know what to say!  He was mad!"

On the way out of the store, the couple is emptying their cart, still laughing about the facial expression on the kid's face.  As I pass, he nods, she winks.

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