Sunday, March 3, 2013

White Guys!

Just read a post on a sports site that saddens.  A highly ranked basketball prospect plead guilty to assaulting his girlfriend, and was sentenced to three years in prison.  He collapsed when the sentence was pronounced. 
Most of the comments on the article ranged from "What did he expect?" to "Sad waste." 
Then someone had to launch a preemptive racial assault - "White guys are more often child abusers, mass murderers, theater shooters, pornographers, white collar criminals..."
There were plenty of band wagoners - "White guys put us in this economic mess!", "I'll bet the judge was white!" (she is),  "A white guy would never have been treated so severely", "White guy crimes have had double the economic impact of minority crimes!", "White guys have held women and minorities down for long enough!"
Nobody blamed this young man's color for the behavior that may have ruined his future.  Perhaps some would speculate that he would expect special treatment (either direction) because of his basketball prowess, but no race comments led to the white guy rant, though I'm sure some out there would readily offer them.
Let me tell you about the white guys I know.  They go to work at a job they feel they've earned over time with hard work, for which they're grateful.  They pay taxes and care deeply about their families and their country and it's future.  They often don't agree on politics, religion, or a hundred other topics which they debate, sometimes heatedly, and then they get over it, sometimes changing their minds.  For the most part, they would impose on others only as a last resort, but would sacrifice a lot to help YOU in your time of need.  Most of the guys I know celebrate minorities and women who achieve, but have seen the damage affirmative action (and good ol' boys) can do to an organization.  They are too proud for welfare, even when justified, because they have put plenty into a system where everybody pays if one takes from the govt or an insurance company.  The white guys I know have made mistakes, and are saddened hearing of a young man with promise losing opportunities.  The white guys I know are regular people, just like the black guys I know, and the hispanic, and native, and...

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