Saturday, March 2, 2013

YOLO defined.

Sad. I had to look up the acronym YOLO. It's kind of like when folks my age say "Watch This!" right before the funniest video moment that's only funny if you're not IN the video. YOLO, according to the urban dictionary, is most often muttered in proximity to acts of extreme stupidity, which begs the question as to why I was unaware of it. My dictionary search, though, explains what Smudge (the clawless cat) might be yowling when he tackles the dog that outweighs him ten times; YOLNT!! (You only live nine times!) Anyway, I now know YOLO, and I'll never be pop culture savvy. It's too much work.

I'm picturing a robed Hindu priest flying off a ski jump yelling YOLO!! and, moments later, a small snail muttering "Dammit."

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