Saturday, March 2, 2013

Margarita Truffle?

Not everything labeled "truffle" is worthy. Responsible giftees will at least sample the Christmas gift paks as soon as the year's resolutions have withered, and thusly duty bound, I tested a chocomarshmagraham cookie from LA, and shared it with my lady. Prettygoodallright. Then I took a truffle from the little gift box advertising a new chocolatier here in Anchorage, deftly split it, and took the larger half. The first flavor impact was a potent bittertang sea salt, followed by dark unsweetened cacao. Understanding that part of the unpleasantness was due to the contrast with the oversweet Nestle-ness of the cookie, I allowed the flavors to mingle and swirl a bit, but then, the filling made a showy entrance. Imagine untamed pomegranate and orange liqueur mixed with syrup in a shot of mezcal. There is a pedal that operates our garbage can, and it almost wasn't quick enough. Scope makes a strong mouthwash that nearly wasn't potent enough. Inspection revealed the box had a box that was checked "Margarita". I'll try to remember, should tequila ever tempt me, to leave the powdered baking chocolate out of the mix.

And so, understanding that negative experiences enhance the good, and that one should always verify any test, I shared the other half, with similar results. I think she's ready for me to go back to work.

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