Saturday, April 6, 2013

Dear Nora: Happy Birthday

Dear Nora:
     Happy Birthday.  I'd sing but they say my voice should be perfectly pitched.  But really, it sounds like your birthday WAS happy.  Good job.  The labels I spoke of earlier, the ones people will assign to you because of the way you came; seem to be all positive.  "She sure didn't wait around!", and "Wow. Once she made up her mind...", and "She knows what she wants (food), and she's GOING for it!".
     Not to spoil your pride rock moment, but you may have noticed those around you are winding down some.  The adrenaline rush will have a rebound.  They, like you, have been through some changes in the last few days.  In a perfect world, you'd all have a quiet week to just recoup and adjust, but that's not the way of things.  There will be a parade of well wishers and tribute payers, people who really want to get to know you and people who just like to hug babies.  It's all good.  They're all good.  Buy into the entertainment value and network a little.
     Heads up, though.  Your Mom may be in for a chemical mood storm in a couple of days.  It affects some Moms pretty bad.  Do what you can to help her through it.  You've got some pretty powerful tools at your disposal.  Try this:  Look as far into her eyes as you possibly can, and report back to me what you see there.     Sometimes you have to stare, or squint, or really focus, but what you'll find is magical.  And the more you search, the quicker and more thoroughly she'll heal.  I've seen it.
     Forgive your folks if they lapse for a moment here and there, forgetting that your needs come first.  Nobody is 24/7 totally on task strong. I'm guessing that your household won't need much reminding, but when they do, be gentle.
     Well, on your second day, try and experience something entirely different.  Know that I'm thinking of you and yours, and that I'd be right there with you instead of sitting here all hermitty comfy, watching the snow build with a hot breakfast in my belly and my feet on a warm dog, except that there are serious, serious deeds here needing tending.  Ahem.
     I'll write now and then.  You do the same.  K

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kkryno said...

Darn it Karl! (Sniffle, sniffle...)