Thursday, April 11, 2013

Promise Kept

 The baby cruised through gestation and was born normally and she's fine.  Better than fine.  She kept her promise.  Of course she did.  People in that family always do.  And now I can admit that I was terrified that she might not.  All the disappointment and doctors and drugs and moods and embryos in glass...  Then the announcement and celebration ten minutes pregnant... And the documentation, baby bump photos, research and friends sharing advice...  The nursery build, the showers, the photo shoot, the sonograms.  I suppose there are warriors and worriers, and I'm more the latter,  but I couldn't keep from the edge of my mind the fear there might be a problem, and the devastation that could follow.  But as she graduated trimester to trimester my confidence grew, and now that she's home and swaddled, I'm hoping my reticence didn't scare or offend anyone.  Someday I'll thank her, just for showing up.

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