Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Practical Thermodynamic Weight Loss

      Two folks discussing the best way to lose weight and remain happy, healthy humans.  Exercise and portion control with supplements wins the day.  However, the old calories-in-vs-calories-out cliche ruffles feathers, and the debate heats up.  I've been in this discussion, and it is silly, in a way.  I hear my own words spoken a different day, "Everything you eat is burned, stored or passed.  It's simple physics."  And from the other side, "But people metabolize at different rates.  Some store fat more efficiently", yada yada.  All true of course, but irrelevant to the starving argument.
      They both turn to me.  Dangit. I knew this would happen.
      "Well", I say, "Real world observation shows that, without exception, malnourished individuals lose tissue mass.  But I'm not sure they're all that happy about it!"

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