Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Dear Nora - A Modeling Career?

Dear Nora:
       Folklore describes the loss of a bit of life energy whenever a human image is captured on paper or in a box.  Some would say that putting a camera on every corner (and in satellites) produces a soul-less society.  I don't know if that's true.  But I can relate that cameras have gradually come to record major parts of my life, even being inserted into an orifice or two, and with every incident playback and viewed image, I feel diminished. 
       I wasn't too distressed seeing the first grainy photos of your cute face pressed up against the glass pane of the womb, only curious that there seemed to BE a glass pane in the womb. 
      Then you and your folks decided to do that pregnant photo shoot.  There you were, pushed out front in some poses that weren't perhaps suitable for all audiences.  I don't know if you had input into the tone and content of the session, or retain editing rights and control of the release of the material, but this early in your career I suggest being conservative to avoid regrettable images that might dictate your path.
      Of course, at your coming out party, there were lots of photos with family, etc.  Even those pics should be limited to ten thousand or so, and should require a waiver. 
      Then, lo and behold, the hospital is using your picture on it's promotional billboards around town.  Hundreds of thousands of folks will know who you are.  Congrats to your agent.  Some say that "any press is good press", but I can assure you from personal experience that is not always the case. (Not talking about it.)  But from the images I've seen, you're safe, and the hospital made a good investment.  You ARE getting paid, right?  You can count on photographers, ad-men, and "friends" in the industry wanting a piece of your success, but insist that bits of your soul come with a price.  Your "life energy" is boundless now, but you won't be young and perfect forever with clamorers at your door.  Work it. 
      Anyway, congrats at your achievements. I'll drop a note here and there.  You do the same. K

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